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Meg’s confusing decision to run for Ward 10

Well, Meg Tuthill has now gone back on her word.  After initially pledging to not seek re-election to the city council if she did not receive the DFL endorsement, she has been so “overwhelmed with calls, emails and visits” that she needs to break that promise.  Of course, I’m supporting Lisa Bender in this election, though I’m worried about low turnout since Minneapolis has their elections in off-years.  Meg does have a lot of support in her own precinct (which is the same precinct Lisa lives in, I believe), but not very much in Whittier.

I was doing some research into these organizations that Meg allegedly has the “support” of and it turns out her little press release was perhaps not entirely accurate in a few instances.

So the first group I look up is the Stonewall DFL, which is the LGBT caucus for the DFL.  Turns out that they did give Meg an ‘A’ rating, as she claims, but they also endorse candidates!  Guess who they endorsed in Ward 10?  Lisa Bender!

womenwinning were the next group that I wanted to know more about – they’ve got a hip web1.5 presence going on, what with the single word smashed together and none of it being capitalized!  Edgy!  But are they edgy enough to support a candidate who lost the DFL endorsement?  Apparently they haven’t made a decision for 2013 candidates yet (read the fine print with the unnecessary asterisk at the very top of the page).  So I guess Meg’s not being exactly truthful here so far…

The Firefighters Association of Minneapolis Local 82 has an active website, but does not list endorsed candidates.  Same with the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council, and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49.  The two organizations which make their support of Meg somewhat clear are the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, A.F.L.-C.I.O., and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 292.

Anyway, I just thought Meg’s attempts to pump up her own campaign were entertaining.  I guess this just means we’ll have to listen to Meg and Lisa campaign for a few more months.

Also, I just looked at my blog and realized I hit “save as draft” on my huge Vikings Stadium slash Downtown East post!  Drat!  Maybe I’ll revise it a bit and post it for reals later.

An Open Letter to Lisa Bender

Well, I hate to stir up the pot, but I’ve heard from multiple Ward 10 candidates since Friday, and have generally been happy with all of them (aside from the incumbent).  But a recent email I received from Lisa Bender inspired me to write back to her, and I thought I would share:

Lisa, I remember that you called me after I tweeted that I would be supporting Ken.  When you asked why that was the case, I stated that I thought Ken had strong experience with environmental issues and groups, and I got the impression he would be an effective and progressive leader.  While I don’t recall our exact conversation, I do recall asking you about issues like progressivism and social justice, and not receiving a response I thought was enough to warrant my support.

So I was surprised to see you use words like “progressive” and “social justice” in this email – words that do not appear anywhere on your website and that I have not seen to date in your campaign literature.  Maybe this was just an oversight – some kind of miscalculation with your initial campaign messaging, but I certainly hope it’s not just empty rhetoric used to garner the support of the leftist base that is currently leaning towards Ken and Kendal.

The sudden change in attitude/messaging is a real red flag for me – I don’t want a councilperson who is willing to compromise on their own vision in a vain attempt to make everybody happy.  I want someone who will stand up for their own values, and this recent email from Lisa is not very encouraging.  As someone who paid attention to the early campaigns of the three challengers, choosing between them was a very difficult task, and I opted not to support Lisa because she didn’t seem passionate about the environment or clean energy, two issues I want my councilperson to take a leadership role on.

I sent this on Friday afternoon and haven’t heard anything from her since (I asked for a response and said I would publish it here).  I don’t have anything else against Lisa – I think she’s a great person whom I agree with on many things, and she would make a better city councilperson than Meg, but this email makes me think twice about supporting Lisa when it comes time to caucus this Saturday.