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Interesting info on Wikipedia and the Metrodome

I was just gathering some information regarding the new Vikings stadium and the initial cost of the Metrodome.  I recall hearing that the Metrodome had a budget of $55 million, but that it was one of the rare stadiums that actually ended up coming in under budget – I think the total spent was about $52 million.

So I went to Wikipedia to look it up, and guess what?  They list the cost of the dome (currently as I write this) as $124 million – that’s $295 million with inflation!  Now I know that isn’t correct, so I tracked down the date of the change, and it’s been this way since May  11, 2012!  So don’t go blindly trusting Wikipedia, people – I plan to make a change and find some sources to back up the actual number, but I wonder how many people visited that site since the Vikings new stadium info was revealed?  I’m making a post about that at the moment, and hope to have it up later this week.

Another interesting tidbit – the IP address that made the change also made changes to nearly every major ballpark in the United States!  If anyone wants to unravel that mystery or wants to learn what other information this IP address has been changing, all the data is up on Wikipedia!