Ward 10 campaign finance documents

So yesterday was the deadline to file campaign finance documents for the Minneapolis mayoral and city council election races.  You can get links to all the filed documents from the Star Tribune.  Of course, some documents may have changed since yesterday – in fact, one already has!

Of course, current Ward 6 Councilmember Meg Tuthill has been running in this race, despite her promise not to if she did not win the DFL endorsement.  So I was wondering how she could afford to stay in this race, and the document she filed showed exactly who was contributing.  So I made a map.

View Meg Tuthill Contributions in a full screen map

Just to describe the data a little bit (it has since been removed – this is data the public has a right to know about their elected officials, which is why it is posted here), there were 85 total contributors to Meg’s campaign.  35 of them do not even live in Minneapolis, and I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine how many of those remaining 50 will be living in Ward 10.  Here’s a map of the ward’s new boundaries if you’d like to make a comparison.  It’s not very many.  (for reference on that map, precincts 10-7, 10-8, and 10-9 combined have about the same population as the others combined)

I might post more later on some other races once I get access to some more data – these documents are being filed as PDFs and it’s not a fast process to get the data in a usable format.  I’ll probably take a closer look at comparing Meg and Lisa’s contributions (Lisa’s document wasn’t online until late or I’d have made a map for her too), then take a look at where Mark Andrew and Cam Winton raise their money…

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