New Minneapolis Transparency Initiative

So the Minneapolis City Council is up for election.  There has been some redistricting, and I feel confident that my ward will elect a progressive leader.  But while I was doing some research into voting records, I was shocked to discover that the official city minutes of city council meetings only revealed whether something had passed or not – without revealing the individual votes by council members.  Now, most of these initiatives are taken care of during committees, but those committees are equally non-transparent.  If you want to know what your representative has been up to, you have to watch the entire video of proceedings, which is boring as hell.

But fear not, average citizen!  I’m trying to come up with a good way to keep an eye on the votes of the Minneapolis City Council and hope to have a solution by the time the next council meets.  I wish the city would do this instead, but I feel it’s necessary to audit manually to get a quality system in place.  Again, it will take several months but I’m hoping to figure out a way to combine the voting that takes place during committees with the actual council votes – unfortunately this requires trawling through hours of video footage…

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